Wednesday, September 26, 2007

the days after

again a big thanx to all that participate on this tour
(mentaly and/or physicly)

sum up stats:
125000hm (1100 meters per riding day)
114 riding days / 20 days off

doing some serious extrem couching and starting to get informations and pictures ready for the upload.

day 134

km 14489,59
landeck - hoechst
it got dry up the arlbergpass, but on the other side was the this cold wet weather with thick fog. so i put on the rain cloth, but i still had to stop in the middle of the downhill as it got so cold that i couldnĀ“t steer anymore.

day 133

km 14364,50
bozen - landeck
there were different routes to cross the alps. at the end the weatherforcast made the decision (cold wet fronts from the west and the south). nice riding on the etsch-bike way up the reschenpass. i tried to use as much of the daylight as possible, so i might get dry over the mountains.

day 132

km 14180,35
motta - bozen
getting ready for the climbs that might follow riding over the alps.
i bought some good food on the market everything else is closed on sundays around the "rich" south tirol.

day 131

km 14021,55
vaccolina - motta
nice views along the lido and on the ferries around venezia.

day 130

km 13862,68
senigallia - vaccolina
nice riding alond the coast and up the parc nat. del monte bartolo.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

day 129

km 13679,80
ancona - senigallia
back on the italian roads after 19 hours on the ferry. almost no campgrounds in albania - dozens of closed campgrounds around here as the saison seems to be over - the result the same - wildcamping.